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Behind the Brilliance

May 5, 2016

This week's episode is a Q+A session where I answer a question about dealing with overwhelm and how to manage new opportunities.

This week, Lisa Likes Spider Oak ONE, a super awesome, privacy-enhanced backup system that stores your files on a hard drive and in the cloud for access anytime across multiple devices. A life saver if anything ever happens to your computer.

This episode covers:

-Why "no" is a complete sentence and why "hell yeah or no" is a great place to start

-Values and how they inform a vision, goals, plans, actions, and measuring the return on choices

-Rest + sleep and why they're so necessary (and generally awesome)

-Priming the creative pump

-Productivity: hacks for batching, email, time management, and efficiency

-Assessing costs for an opportunity in terms of time, money, energy, and opportunity cost

-Choosing projects that benefit the greater good

-Aligning opportunities with goals

-FOMO is a mofo (full stop)

-Figuring out what really matters to you and having the opportunities you accept reflect that

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