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Behind the Brilliance

Sep 8, 2016

Super talented writer Kirk Moore stops by to chat with me about his journey from broke to breakthrough as an artist. We talk about his beginnings in Houston, how he honed his craft, and his path to professional writing.

This episode is a must-listen if you've ever questioned whether you were pursuing the right thing, if you find yourself feeling stuck or disappointed by how your path is unfolding or if you plain ol feel like a failure who will never get it together.

Kirk was very transparent and shared the story of how he persevered through setback after setback while sleeping on a friend's couch and eventually found himself working with Academy Award winner John Ridley on ABC's hit show, American Crime.

This is probably one of my top 5 favorite episodes out of the 100+ I've done. Again, if you're building anything of your own (a career, an artistic path, a business, whatever), you'll find lots of gems and wisdom in this conversation.

This episode is really long but really good. Like episode 85 with Willie Jackson, this was just too juicy, inspiring, and funny for me to leave anything out. 

Hit Kirk up and say hi and tell him what you thought of this episode: @KirkWrites79

Show Notes: