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Behind the Brilliance

Feb 17, 2017

This episode is one my favorite kind - one that touches on a wide range of topics with candor and curiosity.

Andrea Pippins is an illustrator (you've seen some of her recent work in the Lenny Letter), designer, author, and generally amazing person.

This conversation was rich with inspiring and funny stories and wisdom.

Here's a sample of what we covered:

-How Andrea got her start as a designer + illustrator

-How Andrea faces her fears

-The serendipitous story of Andrea's book deal

-Andrea's natural hair journey and what inspired her book, I Love My Hair

-the joys and complexities of splitting time between the United States and Sweden

-work/life harmony


-much more

Say hi to Andrea and tell her what you thought of this episode: @andreagpippins

Show notes: