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Behind the Brilliance

Mar 9, 2017

This conversation is a must-listen for creatives and people who want to make something out of nothing. Amanda is one of the most inspiring creatives I've had on the show. In spite of not having the arts degree, the wealthy family, and whatever else you assume you need to succeed, she found a way to make what she wanted to see. You should too. This episode is a blueprint for creating personal art and a passionate life.

We covered a LOT including: 

-how Amanda developed her entrepreneurial muscle as an artist

-how Amanda deals with Imposter Syndrome

-how Amanda manages her responsibilities on TV, radio, and print

-why Amanda believes the right partner is an asset to artists

-the way Amanda learned to surrender and appreciate life's flow

-how to gracefully end friendships

The conversation was honest, inspiring, and funny. Drop me + Amanda a line and let me know what you got from it: @amanda_parris | @lisanicolebell

Show Notes: