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Behind the Brilliance

May 4, 2017

Felecia Hatcher is a White House Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Globally Sought after Speaker and Author who works to rid communities of innovation deserts and creates cool books, products and courses to help Start-Ups, Creatives and Broke Entrepreneurs follow their most epic dreams. 

In this conversation, we talk about her journey from C student to award-winning entrepreneur. We talk about the $1 million grant she recently received for her latest venture, Code Fever. 

We covered a lot including: 

-time management hacks

-delegating (Felecia's war stories and advice) 

-working with her spouse (and the effect it had on her marriage, spoiler alert: they didn't kill each other) 

-the hardest lesson she's learned

-why she advises taking it slow with investors 

-and much more

Say hi to Felecia on Twitter and let her know what you thought: @feleciahatcher

Show Notes: