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Behind the Brilliance

Sep 7, 2017

Angela Nissel is the bestselling author of The Broke Diaries, a television writer, and all around dope and funny woman. We talk about her varied and fascinating career, the best lessons she's learned, and why she'd rather have money than fame. 

We cover a lot of topics including: 

-Angela's experience co-founding Okay Player with Questlove (and the funny story of how they met)

-Angela's book, The Broke Diaries, and how her relationship with money has changed since then

-the value of surrender in life and work

-the illusions of "success" and why Angela prefers money to fame

-the valuable lesson Angela learned after her appearance on Oprah's talk show 

-finding your way to "work/life balance" as a creative 

-and much more!

Say hi to Angela on Twitter + Instagram: @angelanissel