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Behind the Brilliance

May 24, 2018

Amy Morin was a vibrant twenty-something with a bright future ahead of her when tragedy struck not once, but twice: she lost her mother and her husband in a span of three short years. Refusing to feel sorry for herself, Amy used what she'd learned as a psychotherapist to develop the mental toughness necessary to find peace and push forward to brighter days. She penned the viral article, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do, which became the bestselling book of the same title. Now she's sharing her journey and observations with the masses.

We covered: 

-Amy's journey into psychotherapy

-Amy's advice on becoming mentally tough without having a bunch of drama

-how Amy handled losing her mother and husband unexpectedly just 3 years apart

-what Amy's learned about mental toughness and resilience

-Amy's approach to managing anxiety and overwhelm

-and much more!


Say hi to Amy on Twitter: @AmyMorinLCSW

Show Notes: