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Behind the Brilliance

Jun 7, 2018


This episode is one of my favorites. Eli is the first social psychologist who's been on the show, and I thoroughly enjoyed our chat. 

Eli Finkel is a social psychology professor who studies interpersonal attraction, marriage, conflict resolution, and how our social relationships influence our goal achievement. Our conversation centers on his brilliant book, The All or Nothing Marriage, and what he's learned about modern marriages and how we can connect with the right partner and thrive in our relationships.

Behind His Brilliance: Proactively avoiding boredom


-Eli's path into social research and relationship psychology

-Eli's findings on what makes modern marriages successful

-highlights from Eli's book, The All or Nothing Marriage

-happiness as an appropriate (or inappropriate) goal for marriage

-managing expectations in relationships and marriage

-how self-actualization plays into healthy marriages

-destiny belief vs growth belief in relationships

-Eli's "love hacks" birthed from research findings

-and much more!

Say hi to Eli on Twitter: @elijfinkel

Show Notes: