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Behind the Brilliance

Jul 19, 2018


Lisa Feldman Barrett is the author of 'How Emotions Are Made' and a University Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University with an appointment at Harvard Medical School. In this conversation, we talk about Lisa's book and what she's learned about how emotions are made, how we can be happier and healthier by understanding how our emotions work, and the myths about the mind and emotions.

Behind Her Brilliance: Tenacity + The People in Her Life

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Lisa’s path from a working poor family to academic researcher

How Lisa overcame failure and setbacks (including 8 failed experiments and a failed dissertation proposal)

How emotions are constructed

What emotional granularity is and why you should develop it

How emotions and the perceptions associated of emotional expression tie into healthcare, education, and the legal system

How “bitches” become leaders

The practical uses of emotional intelligence

Myths about the way our brains and emotions work

How to turn the dial down on intense emotions

Distinguishing between discomfort and distress (and why it matters)

The simple things you can do to develop more emotional control

And more!