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Behind the Brilliance

Jul 21, 2016

The brilliant life strategist Rosetta Thurman joins me again to catch up on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. As the founder of Happy Black Woman, Rosetta leads a thriving community of women aspiring to be, do, and have the best.


In this chat, we cover a lot...

-how Rosetta thinks about lifestyle design (and why she decided to move to Hawaii)

-Rosetta's approach to romantic relationships as a successful woman

-why Rosetta loves therapy and what she gains from it

-Rosetta's advice to anyone feeling stuck or struggling to make a big transition in life

-the time management habits that keep Rosetta relaxed and productive

-why assistants, housekeepers, and other "fancy" services aren't unrealistic

-the importance of being committed yet flexible with your goals

-And much more!

Let me + Rosetta know what you thought of this episode on Twitter: I'm @LisaNicoleBell and she's @HappyBlackWoman

Show Notes: