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Behind the Brilliance

Dec 1, 2016

Season 6 is here! We've got a lot of catching up to do. If you want to skip all the hugs, kisses, and housekeeping, jump ahead to about the 20 minute mark to begin this amazing conversation.

What would you do if you came into millions of dollars as a result of something you made or built?

My guest in this episode, Eric Bahn, tells me the story of starting and growing his scrappy startup (including amazing advice on getting things popping when you have no money) and went on to sell it. He and his wife decided to travel the world, but things got dicey after that. You might wonder how somebody who's deemed "rich" could have any issues with work, but Eric opens up about how he ended up taking a job that turned him into a grumpy guy.

There's a lot of other great advice tucked away in this conversation. We cover:

-the important lessons Eric learned during and after the time he sold his company

-"finding time" to work on passion projects AND be with family and friends

-why Eric quit his job at Facebook to work on a startup

-what Eric looks for in founders and startups he invests in (the answer will surprise you)

This episode is among my top 10 because my guest was open and offered tons of excellent advice.

Say hi to Eric on Twitter and tell him what you thought of this episode: @ericbahn

This episode's hashtag is #BTB108

Show Notes:

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