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Behind the Brilliance

Apr 6, 2017

Kristi and I had such a good conversation that lasted about 2 hours. We talked about her essay "Enjoli - read it at,why you're never too old to start over, and much more. 

Kristi is a writer and soon-to-be author who penned the (popular and somewhat controversial) essay "Enjoli" on Medium last summer. The response opened a floodgate of reactions from people discussing alcohol consumption, being sober, and how the choice plays into other aspects of life. 

After reading the essay earlier this year, I was struck by both Kristi's writing style and her observations about alcohol and what it's done to us culturally. 

Even if you don't "think" you have an alcohol problem, this episode is a good reflection on anything we consider to be a detriment or vice to well-being. I've thought deeply about it as it applies to a variety of areas of my life. Maybe you will too. 

Say hi to Kristi and let her know what you thought about our chat: @kristiccoulter 

Show Notes: