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Behind the Brilliance

Apr 20, 2017

My nickname for this episode is the Sanity Show. It's full of fresh ideas and perspective on getting things done with grace, staying sane when you're ambitious, and learning how to leverage relationships to fulfill your personal and professional potential.

Tiffany Dufu is the author of the new book, Drop the Ball. We covered a lot of topics including time management, renegotiating relationships, comparative advantage (and how to use it to your benefit at work and at home), and much more. 

Say hi to Tiffany and let her know what you thought about our chat: @tdufu

TOPICS COVERED (partial list)

-how to "find your purpose" and connect it to your daily work

-lessons on delegating effectively

-the importance of renegotiating relationships

-how to apply comparative advantage at home 

-how to have critical conversations when you need support

-redefining what it means to be "good" at any given role in your life 

-and much more

Show Notes: