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Behind the Brilliance

Aug 17, 2017

Duane Spires is a serial entrepreneur who brings passion and enthusiasm to everything he does. We covered a LOT in this episode including the details of his journey to building multiple $1M+ businesses, his take on dealing with setbacks, how he handled friends who didn't support his wins, and much more. 

This conversation covers: 

-how Duane turned a $5 loan from his mom into an empire (and later hired her full time to be on his team)

-how Duane changed his relationship with money after blowing it on ballerific nonsense

-Duane's thoughts on choosing the right spouse when you have big goals 

-how Duane's relationships changed after he became successful (and what he did about it) 

-Duane's habits that resulted in him creating a $1 million side hustle 

-and much more!