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Behind the Brilliance

Aug 24, 2017

Rachel Hill is a former corporate superstar turned wanderlust warrior. She left a 6 figure salary at a Fortune 50 company to backpack through Asia. She's been traveling ever since. Now she runs, a travel blog and business that delivers useful and inspiring advice on traveling the world...or your own backyard.

Topics Covered: 

-how Rachel discovered she was depressed and what she did about it

-how and why Rachel took off for Southeast Asia with a backpack and a dream

-how Rachel turned her passion into a profitable pursuit

-Rachel's thoughts on travel bucket lists, her favorite countries, and her advice to newbie travelers

-Rachel's secrets to traveling in style without breaking the bank

-what Rachel has learned about business and her approach to the gamification of marketing

-how Rachel fails forward

-and much more!

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Show Notes: