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Behind the Brilliance

Nov 9, 2017

Lisa Congdon's brilliance in her courage, dedication, and willingness to take calculated risks. After leaving her elementary school and nonprofit careers at 40, she become a self-taught artist. Now she manages an empire of passive and active income that spans e-commerce, books, teaching, and more. In this conversation, she pulls back the curtain on her path to profitability, her thoughts on thriving as an artist, and why she feels grit matters more than talent. 

We covered: 

-how Lisa went from teacher and nonprofit pro to self-taught thriving artist

-Lisa's approach to building a devoted following that threw money at her before she was ready 

-how Lisa managed the transition from steady paycheck to income uncertainty

-Lisa's thoughts on imposter syndrome, confidence, and managing insecurities 

-Lisa's approach to risk-taking, negotiation, and time management

-and much more!

Say hi to Lisa on Twitter + Instagram: @lisacongdon

Show Notes: