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Behind the Brilliance

Jan 31, 2019

Andrea Barrica is the founder of O School, a nonjudgmental resource on all things dating and sex. We talked about how she found herself working in tech, her experience coming out to her Catholic family, and why she started O School. We also talk about the Orgasm Gap (like the pay gap, except for orgasms) and...

Jan 24, 2019

This solo episode offers fresh perspective on crafting a life and career that works for multidisciplinary folks.


Topics Covered: 

-Thoughts on envy and what to do with it

-How to choose what to work on

-The path to profitability as a polymath

-Defining success personally

And more



Jan 23, 2019

Behind the Brilliance is back! Season 9 kicks off on Thursday, January 24. Listen to this sneak peek of what's to come.