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Behind the Brilliance

Mar 25, 2021

Lisa recaps the episodes of Season 11 and shares key takeaways. 

Mar 18, 2021

Mike Maser found himself way up the corporate ladder that was leaning against the wrong wall. He knew he couldn't keep coasting so he took the leap into entrepreneurship. The journey wasn't a smooth one, but it led him to running Big Sky Health, a company using technology to build thoughtful wellness apps. During...

Mar 11, 2021


Dr. Emily Anhalt is a clinical psychologist, emotional fitness expert, author, and the co-founder of Coa, a a "gym for the mind." On this episode, she talks with Lisa about the strategies and tactics for creating and sustaining mental wellness, how to find a great therapist, the importance of developing sound...

Mar 4, 2021


New York Times bestselling author, cartoonist, and entrepreneur Nick Seluk shares how he turned a creative passion into a thriving enterprise. From time management and personal discipline to leadership and creative choices, Nick opens up about how he built an international audience of adoring fans...

Feb 25, 2021

Kirk Moore is back to discuss his journey as a writer, his reflections on diversity in entertainment, what he’s learned and how he’s applied it, the importance of community for writers, why self-care is not negotiable for artists, and much more. 

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