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Behind the Brilliance

Apr 21, 2022

Jessie Inchauspé brings clarity and levity to the wellness space as a biochemist, researcher, and author. Her Instagram account, @GlucoseGoddess, exploded when she started sharing what she learned about glucose monitoring and managment. Her book, Glucose Revolution, has been called the best practical guide for managing glucose to maximize health and longevity. Even if you don't think you have a glucose "problem," you're almost certainly in the group of people who could stand to improve their overall well-being by taking a more thoughtful approach to nutrition. In this conversation, Jessie offers simple sustainable changes that can have a significant impact on an array of health markers from sleep to energy levels to preventing disease. This is a must listen if you want to be well. 

Behind Her Brilliance: Curiosity and a willingness to fail and be wrong

Say hi to Jessie on Instagram: @glucosegoddess