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Behind the Brilliance

Aug 24, 2017

Rachel Hill is a former corporate superstar turned wanderlust warrior. She left a 6 figure salary at a Fortune 50 company to backpack through Asia. She's been traveling ever since. Now she runs, a travel blog and business that delivers useful and inspiring advice on traveling the world...or your...

Feb 17, 2017

This episode is one my favorite kind - one that touches on a wide range of topics with candor and curiosity.

Andrea Pippins is an illustrator (you've seen some of her recent work in the Lenny Letter), designer, author, and generally amazing person.

This conversation was rich with inspiring and funny stories...

Sep 29, 2016

The talented, gorgeous, and inspiring actress Simone Missick joins me to talk about her path from struggle to success as a star on Marvel's Luke Cage series on Netflix.

This conversation is full of inspiring stories, wisdom, and much more. We cover:

-Simone's leap from waiting tables to pursuing her dream

-How Simone...

Jun 2, 2016

This week's episode features one of my favorite recordings - The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. The recording lays out some compelling ideas about personal development and success. It's an older recording so some of the references are dated, but the core message is timeless. As something I listen to often, I...

May 26, 2016

This week's episode is the annual birthday episode where I share what I've learned (and remembered) in the past year.


Show Notes: