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Behind the Brilliance

Mar 2, 2017

This episode is a spiritual nerd’s dream come true. I sat down with Dr. Andrew Newberg (neuroscientist + author of How God Changes Your Brain) to talk about how meditation, prayer, and religion change your brain. As a researcher, he’s a pioneer in the neurotheology. We discuss how he got his start, what he’s discovered in his research, and how all of these findings apply to people like me and you.

We covered a lot including: 

-what the heck "neurotheology" is

-the impact of religion on health and longevity

-Andrew's advice to newbie meditators

-the power of yawning 

-the practical value of optimism

-the measurable effects of faith

-and much more

Let me know what you thought of this episode – did you learn anything interesting? I'm @lisanicolebell on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Show Notes: