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Behind the Brilliance

Jul 12, 2018


Benjamin Spall is the founder of and the co-author of the book, My Morning Routine, which was chosen as one of Amazon’s best business books of 2018, one of the Financial Times books of the month, and one of Business Insider’s best business books to read this summer. In our conversation, we dissect morning routines, productivity hacks, and other perspectives on starting the day off right. 

Behind His Brilliance: Side Projects 

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How and why Benjamin cofounded

How Benjamin developed a mediation practice (and his favorite app for it)

Why what you do after meditation is important

The best observations from the dozens of people interviewed in My Morning Routine

How self-care fits into a well-crafted morning routine

Why journaling might be the missing piece to your morning routine

How and why you should create an evening routine to wind down

Ben’s take on monotasking and productivity

How side hustles lead to serendipity

And more!