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Behind the Brilliance

Mar 10, 2016

Serial entrepreneur Erica Nicole (Founder/CEO of YFS Magazine) joins my virtual couch to dish her secrets on startups, success, and life. During this convo, we cover how Erica grew YFS from a tiny one woman blog to a global leader in inspiring and practical startup information (she literally shared the 5 step process - I can't believe she broke it down for free!), Erica's approach to time management (don't waste her time!), and how to live a life that most resonates with your purpose.

Besides being inspiring and sometimes funny, this episode is packed with practical advice on how to make big leaps, stay true to who you are, and become a winner.

Also, based on one of Erica's comments, I decided that Juvenile should do a remix of Back That Azz Up called Back That Faith Up. You have to listen to get the joke.

More on Erica + show notes at