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Behind the Brilliance

Dec 8, 2016

Have you ever felt like you were too old (or too something) to go after a dream?

This week's guest is the talented, smart, and gorgeous Jamila Daniel. After a career in entertainment journalism and a stint working for the Rachel Maddow show, Jamila decided to start all over as an intern (yes, really) to get the job of her dreams: staff writer on a television show.

In this episode, Jamila lets me in on her path to pursuing her passion. We talk about the hard times she had moving to LA (she didn't even know how to drive when she got to the city) and how she had to humble herself to get experience, even when it meant working under people much younger than her.

We also cover a lot of other great topics including dealing with setbacks and dark days, dating in LA, Jamila's approach to her craft, and much more.

It's never too late to pursue your biggest, most passion-inducing dream. Jamila is living proof.

Say hi to Jamila on Twitter and tell her what you thought of this episode: @jamiladaniel

Show Notes:

Lisa Likes: Moonlight

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