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Behind the Brilliance

Dec 22, 2016

This week's episode delivers a hearty buffet of topics. From selling to sensory deprivation tanks to setting boundaries, we covered a lot.

Tamara Floyd is the founder of Natural Hair Rules, a blog that has become a mainstay among natural hair enthusiasts.

In this conversation, we chat about:

-Tamara's journey from passion project to passionate 6 figure business

-What Tamara learned about the importance of confidence

-How Tamra thinks about hiring and leadership

-Tamara's approach to lifestyle design

-How Tamara discovered she was depressed and what she decided to do about it

-Tamara's first experience in a sensory deprivation tank

-and much more

Say hi Tamara on Instagram and Twitter: @NaturalHairRule

Tell me what you thought about this episode: @LisaNicoleBell

Show Notes: